Rome's 2020 Olympic bid scrapped, leaving Tokyo, 4 other cities


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Japan should drop the bid too as they cannot afford it either.

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Wow..a fiscally responsible PM pulls the plug in order not to waste Italian taxpayers money on this expensive exercise. J - government should take a good look at Italy,s example as there are a number of more pressing issues to spend public money on here as well...I mean hey , J-govt has no money to pay for the Fukushima kids health care but throwing millions at Ishihara,s Olympic dream? problem...I mean really, where the hell are their priorities? Anyhow , good on the Italian PM.

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I think they should focus on stabilizing both the Japanese economy and the government before considering the its current state, Japan would probably say hello and goodbye to at least a handful of new cabinets before 2020.

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This Olympic fantasy is a bid for Ishihara to further enrich his mates. His bank did not give them enough of the people's tax money, apparently. Japan is in no condition to hold the Olympics, Tokyo is simmering in higher than normal levels of radiation for the next few decades, which the governor insists on maintaining by bringing in additional radioactive substances and burning them, spewing caesium gas into the air. Tokyo knows if or when another massive release of radiation will occur. The supposedly erroneous higher temperatures in #2 have been accompanied by suspicious nuclides. Citius, Altius, Fortius!

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Why is Japan even considering the Olympic bid? It's immoral the host an Olympics when there's an ongoing nuclear crisis. The nuclear plant isn't stable because many nuclear experts, including Gundersen, have said that the radiation in Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl. Does Japan want people to get cancer or the other effects of radiation? The Olympics should be hosted by a country free of any health concerns. Japan isn't one of them. Sorry but Japan should take more responsibility for the health of other countries' citizens.

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Not just that, but the Olympics in Tokyo? The megapolis is not what it was back in '64. Fukuoka would be a wonderful host city, as would others. I am sure the Olympics will return to Japan in time, but when it does, I hope that it is not to Tokyo.

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Who's going to trust domestic pronouncements of safety?

Even if Japan is safe, the authorities providing information committed the "3D's" of dithering, dissembling and disinforming. The TEPCO chickens are coming home to roost, and people overseas are worried they'll have an extra drumstick.

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"Rome dropped its bid for the 2020 Olympics on Tuesday after Premier Mario Monti said the Italian government would not provide financial backing for the multi-billion-dollar project at a time of economic crisis."

Wow... a government with some sense. Imagine that! Meanwhile Japan is in a SERIOUS crisis but arrogant louts in office want the bribes for the lucrative construction jobs.

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" Wow..a fiscally responsible PM pulls "

Mario a fiscally responsible PM?? Come on. More likely Merkel told him that Germany is not going to pay, thus pulling the plug.

Japan should pull out of this nonsense too. Or re-use the 1964 facilities.

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Everyone should pull out for the same reason. Might force some economic transparency at the IOC.

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It won't matter about pronouncements of Japan's safety. People won't come. So Tokyo is a loss already and they should spend the money on relocating the children and families while repairing. Tokyo bid is even more irresponsible given the continuing challenges. By denying the bid to concentrate on rebuilding efforts, it would focus those efforts

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"The costs for hosting the Olympics"

How about the Olympic athletes get their sponsors to pay for all their costs of traveling to and staying in the Olympics host city? Same goes for all the spectators.

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With Tokyo looking like specials to win this time - there are no viable candidates in the whole group of 5 - look out for Glory-hunter Ishihara to change the rules of competition so as he can run the last 10m of the Marathon and win it himself.

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This bid is going to be a horrendous waste of money. When it comes down to the nitty gritty time to bid everyone (except the Ishihara backers) knows that the IOC will not give it to Japan. I wonder how much extra "under the table money" they will waste in addition to the actual bid just to bring Ishiharas dream to reality??????

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