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Ronaldo spared as Man United humiliated by rampant City


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Haaland is one of the best strikers I have ever seen. I wish Liverpool had him!

Football fans are robbed in him not featuring in Qatar.

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What an embarrassing thrashing for Man U, 6-3, could have been 10.

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Haaland is the best striker in the league and maybe beyond.

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Haaland is a monster and city have taken things to a new level.

They could savage Liverpool in a few weeks the way Liverpool's defense has fallen apart.

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How to stop Haaland? 8 games 14 goals

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How to stop Haaland? 8 games 14 goals

I don’t see a weakness. He’s a handful to say the least. Got pace, strength, awareness, very good in the air, can finish and assisted a couple of goals v Man U as well.

Some said he’s not the best at holding it up but he looks okay at it as far as I can see. Good first touch.

He’s definitely not a one-trick pony.

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Haaland has scored more than Man Us squad combined this season.

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Man to man upfront Man City had more firepower than Man Utd. Perhaps battle-hardened Cristiano Ronaldo would have posed counter-threats from the flanks if he had been on the field in the starting line-up. In hindsight, an opportunity missed. Congrats to hat-trick heroes Erling Haaland and Phil Foden.

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