Rooney retains England captaincy under Allardyce


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Rooney - Overweight, overpaid & overrated

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England; forever a laughing stock, can't even beat Iceland.

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"England; forever a laughing stock, can't even beat Iceland."

Your joy and humour are infectious and light up our day again.

I'm just waiting for Sam to call up Cattermole.

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Whether he should be England Captain aside, Rooney is certainly not overrated. The numbers simply don't support it. If anything he is underrated.

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Rooney has stunk in pretty much every major tournament he's played for England in terms of goals and performances. His goals generally come in friendlies and qualifiers. Take a look at the numbers in detail. He might bang in a couple of pens against the cannon fodder in this group but the idea a 32-year-old Rooney leading England in Russia is pretty depressing.

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Well I certainly hope for your sake that he proves you wrong.

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There are still 2 years before the World Cup. Rooney may still be captain (and therefore playing for England) now, but I doubt he will be in 2 year's time. Sam is surely going to replace him before then. We already have better midfielders.

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An older, slower and less hungry Rooney finally delivering on the big stage?

The English aren't known for optimism but I think I'm justified in doubting it.

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53 goals in 115 appearances, mostly against minnows like San Marino (5), Montenegro & Andorra. He certainly ain't no Bobby Charlton.

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"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

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Maybe the problem is that you're expecting him to be England's goal scorer when he should be allowed to play in a true #10 role?

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I think the point is Rooney hasn't delivered performance-wise or goal-wise as a forward in top competitions. I don't see any reason why people think he'll deliver in a different position. A great example of a player who could was Hagi for Romania who played in a different position as he aged and still delivered but he was in a different class to Rooney.

I think the logical conclusion is he's been another example of a player the English press try to talk up as world class who doesn't deliver when it matters. He's good but not that good. He's not the only one. Barnes, Hoddle, Scholes....

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