Rowing federation seeks clarification on Tokyo 2020 venue


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"Promise everything, deliver what you have got" Well done JOC! おもてなしseems to have been forgotten a long time ago. Luckily the Fukushima radiation fallout and meltdown are "under control".

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Tokyo won the Games due to promises of a very lavish event.....

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Tokyo won the Games due to promises of a very lavish event.....

Yes, a very lavish event held in Tokyo, not hundreds of miles away in Bumpkinland.

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"...400 kilometers (250 miles) north of Tokyo..."

I have to think that would be the farthest venue from central Tokyo. Pity the isolated competitors.

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Miyagi is too far from Tokyo. The athletes won't be able to stay in the Athletes Village at Harumi, so they'll need special accommodation. It will also be inconvenient for fans to go to Miyagi.

I think Gov Koike is getting in over her head about the Olympics. The fact is, it's going to cost a fortune, wherever and however it is held. But changing three venues won't help much. The biggest costs are the stadium, Olympic Village, operating costs and security, according to the report released last week.

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400km away is not really acceptable

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hold it in fukushima, just in the reaktor port...

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lets just call it Japan 2020 and get all sorts of prefectures to share the costs. so much for "the compact" games and the promise that we have loads on money. what a farce.

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.......... as a cheaper option to the rowing site in Tokyo, where the latest cost estimate for renovations has risen to seven times its initial projections.

Why? How about an investigation into why the cost estimate is seven times bigger than the original? Who is responsible for this; let's have a name.

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In reality moving is the only thing that makes sense and i'm glad the new mayor has the balls to question these things. Investigate why this happened to begin with ? There will always be plenty of time for that later and is not the critical matter at hand.

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Let the water-based events be held in Fukushima. No better way in telling the world that it truly is safe there. I mean, their athletes are playing there, right?

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She noted that the games were originally intended to help Japan’s northern region, including Fukushima, recover from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

So maybe it should've been planned and presented as 2020 "Fukushima" Olympics rather than "Tokyo". A bit late in the game to be changing the rules...

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