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Royals overcome Ohtani's 2 HRs, 8 RBIs to beat Angels 12-11


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Other than Otani and one other guy (who's name escapes me atm), the starting rotation is meh and the bull pen is blech, and that is about the best, most diplomatic way to describe it.

Poor Shohei, he hits 2 3-run homers, goes 3 for 5 and gets 8 (EIGHT!) RBIs and still loses....

Most of the time, everyone looks good against KC.....

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Oh this is fun.

Ohtani signed with the wrong team.

See Trout?

a hollow shell when it matters ever since Tyler Skaggs died.


Ezekiel Duran, Josh Smith, Jonah Heim, Zach Leiter, とかとかとか,

See Ya!

Go Rangers!

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@David--Trout lost not only teammate Skaggs but also his own brother in law, a minor leaguer. He is dealing with twice the hardship of the other Angels, so it is impressive that he keeps himself together well enough to lead the team in most offensive stats.

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Leading in team stats is one thing,

Coming through in the clutch is quite another.

Perhaps his untimely losses are just too much for his little Philly heart to bear.

We will see.

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Man, Ohtani’s fun to watch! It’s the same feeling when watching Michael Jordan play basketball. You’re watching an artist at work.

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...a hollow shell when it matters ever since Tyler Skaggs died.

If you are inferring that Trout used PEDs, an autopsy report found that Skaggs had fentanyl, oxycodone and alcohol in his system. Those aren't PEDs by any standard. If Trout used or uses PEDs, I doubt he needed Skaggs to get him the goods.

...Ohtani signed with the wrong team.

Yes, but there were no other teams that were supportive of the idea of Ohtani hitting AND pitching. But yeah, Angels do suck ass right now.

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The sad part is, if the Angels paid Otani what he is worth, there would be nothing left for say,..... pitching (or anything else for that matter.....)

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