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Japan's Brave Blossoms to be added to top tier of rugby nations


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But results don't show they're Tier 1.

Utter nonsense.

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Excellent, well done Japan..

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Fantastic news - should have happened earlier.

Counting down to the Cup in France. The Brave Blossoms should take care of Chile and Samoa with ease. The Japan match v the Argies is going to be key - win and the Brave Blossoms are again through to the Quarters and anything can happen from there! Nothing is impossible any more after the Miracle of Brighton and the Miracle of Shizuoka.

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They are a solid tier 2 team with the chance of an upset against the real tier one teams.

They will struggle at this world cup as they no longer have the advantage of practicing together for a whole year and also seem to be carrying a few old warriors past their best.

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Brave blossoms.

What an awful nickname

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Have tickets for RWC JPN vs ENG September 17th. Can't wait. Will be hoping Japan has a good showing although I'm a staunch Englishman. Love the Japanese style of play, grit and determination. And with the state of the England team right now I would say Japan stand a chance. Either way should be a fabulous test with a mountain of beer drunk!

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It's a good idea and will put pressure on Japan to maintain their level. Let's hope they pull off a few upsets in France in September!

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