Japan coach slams clubs over All Blacks stance


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Welcome to the world of J politics Eddie but next time bend Mori's ear and not the press. Doesn't really matter cause it's a baby blacks version.

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Spudman, that's all the more reason for Japan to front their best team and start practicing now. A good score against a 2nd rate ABs team is what Japan rugby needs to get some media attention here.

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I agree, but .............. I'm an ABs fan, usually but in this game Go the staunch flowers.

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Let us not forget that the 145-17 game in 1995 was also against the ABs 2nd stream side. Although the two 1987 tests were not given official Test status (unwanted by the Japanese :) ) the ABs recorded 4-106 and 0-74 wins that time... albeit with arguably the Greatest Test Rugby Side of All time (50 games and 23 Official Tests undefeated over 3 1/2 years).

I'm a big fan of Japanese rugby (played there for 9 years) and even though I think Eddie Jones is a bit of a dick, he was a very good choice to succeed the extremely successful John Kirwan (who played in those 2 1987 tests). Kirwan warned E Jones that this kind of stuff would happen. Japan have been declining NZ for years as they don't want the embarrassment that follows playing against NZ.... as we get closer to the 2019 World Cup in Japan the old boy nature of the JRFU becomes ever more apparent - how sad for the few hard working people who want to make a success of rugby in Japan.

You see this attitude in so much of Japan's dealing with the outside world and especially so in Rugby where the arrogance of Japan's Top League, Referees association and Union just keep holding back what could be a rugby country the equal of Ireland or Scotland or even Wales.

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Bang on, coach. They'll just say it's not true as they avoid clarifying their stance, but the man is 100% correct.

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great post Jaymann.

the arrogance of Japan's Top League, Referees association and Union

thats the politics I was talking about.

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Jayman. Yup, and it's teams like Ireland, Scotland and France that Japan should be trying to organise games with. Hard though, because the ABs are big bucks in Japan so worth them coming here, whereas it's harder to get the European teams to come here. All the more reason why the Blossoms need to start doing annual tours to Europe. Eddie Jones knew well what he was getting into, he's been involved in Japanese rugby for a long time, and I think he's doing the right thing taking it to the media. Don't stop there Eddie.

What a shame all us rugby fans are going to have to watch the flop that the 2019 WC is gonna be.

Anyway, as long as the ABs win I'll be happy!

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