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Japan to launch new professional rugby league in 2022

By Jack Tarrant

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Japan has more registered players than some of the home Unions particularly Ireland, Wales & Scotland.

I agree with Mr Kipling and have always been been frustrated by the need to introduce foreign players to bolster the ranks at the expense of promising local players. That mindset of acquiring big names on their off contract is more common place these days and quite unfair to local talent. Something needs to change in Japan as the pension plan for semi retiring Intl Rugby players., the system is just getting used and has become a joke imo and even players have gone on the record to say Japan is an easy out and paycheck...easy on the body good for the wallet...

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The death bell for professional rugby in Japan. Rugby in Japan has insufficient support for a commercially viable professional league and survives by the grace of a few big companies, picking up the bills and losses.

2nd and 3rd divisions are completely unsustainable. The current 16 team league is survivable for the teams as long as owners cover the losses. Cutting it to 12 does make sense but 2n and 3rd leagues are a sad joke. Registered players and number of teams are constantly declining. As will the numbers of spectators. Always these feelings of grandeur and living above its means is killing professional rugby globally and faster in Japan then anywhere else.

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Rugby had a huge boost for the 2019 World Cup. Sadly the covid-19 outbreak has killed all momentum and I fear rugby in Japan will continue in its downward spiral..... Corporate teams spending huge amounts on foreign has beens and other foreign players taking the places of up coming Japanese youngsters.

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