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Joseph caught in middle of spat between World Rugby and JRFU

By Rich Freeman

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I hope they work it out, so that there is more rugby to watch all year (good for me) and for the national team players to be free to be Blossoms during the tradition international season.

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I am appalled sazar are still running rugby in our apart of the world , they are biased and unfair. Fancy kicking out japan in the very year they host one of the best rugby world cups ever Japan. I support Joseph and his views ... Get with it sanzar or go play with the 6 nations. RUgby is flourishing in Japan and we love the Blossoms and the Sun wolves ..please don't be so urusai ...Yuppari

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As usual, the suits think they know what is best, instead of listening to the people actually in the game

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I'm no big fan of SANZAR, but the reason the Sunwolves were kicked out is because the JRFU, in another amazingly stupid decision, pulled their financial backing of the club. You can't really blame the other clubs for not wanting to prop up the Sunwolves who had something like 4 wins from 3 seasons at the time of the decision.

The success of the RWC with the Japanese public really showed that the JRFU made the wrong decision, but try telling the oyajis that.

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Dokshin, Sanzar looks after Super Rugby and Southern Hemisphere Comps, Sunwolves being the only team accountable from Japan, and they haven’t really done too well recently have they? Crowds in Singapore have been abysmal, wooden spooners year in year out...theres your reason for the chopping block right there...

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