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World Rugby says transgender women should not play for elite teams


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Transphobia! This decision has to be over turned.

Trans women are women!

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Trans women are women!

No need to state the obvious, ohara.

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Trans women are women!

Agree, they are also not entitled to do whatever they want though. Smart decision.

Transwomen can play a heap of other non contact sports where their biological histories don't put them at an unfair advantage. This is a safety measure, nothing else.

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Transwomen can play a heap of other non contact sports where their biological histories don't put them at an unfair advantage. This is a safety measure, nothing else.

The absurd lengths some will go to in their justification of transphobia.

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LGBT charity Stonewall says it is "deeply disappointed" with the decision.

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Ohara: I am guessing you haven't ever played rugby. Stay in your lane.

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Simon, I guess what youre saying is that strength is the problem? But strength is a key element in so many sports , including non-contact sports.

”Biological histories” is going to include the unalterable make bone structure the trans woman was born with.

Thats why my attitude is its all or nothing. Youre a woman or youre not.

So in order to be fair to our trans sisters, all womens sports should be open to them.

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If the evidence points towards transwomen having an unfair advantage, and more importantly, putting women at increased risk of serious injury, this is the right decision.

The evidence and expert opinion I’ve come across from other sports seems to suggest there is an unfair advantage.

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And let the chips fall where they may.

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Rugby is among the most accepting sports in the world. Australia's highest profile player Israel Folau was fired for homophobic rants. The best referee in the game is gay. This is not prejudice, Rugby players core principle is respect for all.

It's a CONTACT COLLISION sport. Try playing a game or two please. I can introduce you to a club if you give me your location.

where is the safety factor in table tennis, running and curling and even soccer to a degree. But M=F transpeople have a natural physical advantage over their cisgendered opponents.

please read it

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thanks. I do understand that. But (safety aside) what abt most other spirts, eg tennis, where strength/power is a major factor? Even curling is divided between male and female teams. Then of course theres weight lifting/ powerlifting, track and field etc. It just seems to me that trans women shouldnt be competing against er, biological women in most sports.

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this is not transphobia, its clearly common sense, to protect naturally born females in a physical contact sport. Is it fair? No, but life isn’t fair. It is what it is. I can’t be the president of the USA - wasn’t born there, I can’t be a racehorse jockey - too big and heavy. I can’t be an opera tenor: too bassy, trans women can’t play rugby with woman. The list of can’ts, - goes on and on. We get it, we support your desire to transition, but just because you transition doesn’t mean you get 100% of what you want from being a woman.

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