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Suntory cancels contract of ex-Wallaby Smith over alleged assault


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Idiot! Good call Suntory!!

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18 days in custody? 18 for a punch in the face, not justifying the action just pointing out that 18 days seems too much. Having been beaten to the ground many times, not a great fighter. 18 days seems obtuse to say the least.

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Good call but in this case it was harsh only because he was a foreigner. If one of our had done this, then nothing would have happened except maybe a fine and suspension if that.  The training well its no secret it will only apply to the foreigners on the team as no citizen of Japan would dare conduct themselves in this manner.

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The right move by Suntory. Perhaps George was a little too fond of their product? Well, he is going to be $500,000 poorer now, as he had one season to run on his contract. It is probably about time Japanese rugby did their due diligence on some of these blokes coming over for an easy payday in an easy league. Smith is no cleanskin, and is well-known to be a thug on the drink. He had an assault charge in a Canberra nightclub a decade back.

I hope the taxi driver milked him for all the Yen he could.

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Good news, but I can't say I see quite the same response when it's a Japanese athlete. Look at the Olympic swimmer who was caught this month for having had assaulted a teammate for months on end last year, and he only got a suspension until the end of March. Gotta have him ready for Tokyo, I guess! And that's only one example. We could get into Sumo, but hey...

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Hats off to all Corporates who cancel endorsement contracts of professional players of any sport who think they are above the law. I am hoping other sportsmen and women view this as an example to behave themselves!!!

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The guy was probably drinking, in a bad mood, and might have thought the Driver was running up the fare. It was definitely not his best night and I'll bet he regrets his actions. I'd be willing to bet most of us have had our bad nights.... just not as bad as his. What he did was 100% wrong... but if this was the 1st time he's ever had a problem then I think we shouldn't be so harsh.

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As an adult you don’t get away with punching people who are way weaker, poorer, and older than you.

That guy is probably large and strong enough to whoop 2 regular men’s butts much less deck an old guy in the face because you don’t wanna pay.

For small illegal things that don’t hurt others, I agree, punishments are silly, but violence and thievery are not.

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What about the "I was drunk and dont remember anything" defense? He would have gotten a walk and could have played in the final.

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@Cricky - 18 days in custody? 18 for a punch in the face, not justifying the action just pointing out that 18 days seems too much.

Not really. I knew a stupid gaijin that did 21 days in the pen for lighting up a smoke on the train, which also cost him his job and his visa. "Bye! Bye! Idiot!"

For this idiot to get out in 18 days and not be prosecuted means his lawyer flipped a big fat wad of cash in the direction of the driver to buy his 'get out of jail free' card. I agree with Suntory's decision to drop the fool too. I also doubt if he'll ever get another spot in the Aussie squad again.

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Typically Aussie. Suntory did the right call.

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Seems strange he'd get himself in that situation. 10k yen would be nothing to him given what he would have been getting paid.

No doubt the taxi driver involved is now somewhat richer.

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