rugby world cup 2019

'Bring it on': Vunipola relishing brutal battle with Boks


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But fitting with the pathetic organisation of this RWC.... And cancelling games.

I presume your referring to the Typhoon that ripped through Japan and killed people! That's exactly the kind of comment that would come from someone who would in all likelihood complain had they not cancelled the games and players, fans and spectators live would have been in danger.

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Vunipola is a very common British name...

There are two of them on the England team! :)

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Tuilagi and vunipola,

Was looking for a mention of their heritage in the article.But in the N.Z. game when one of them scored,he barely acknowledged doing so. I thought I was watching the Premier League and their lame wussing out of scoring vs your old team.

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Tuilagi and vunipola, the most English sounding names you’ll ever hear.

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Boring if you can find somewhere to watch it.

Osaka and Kobe fan zones are not open for the final!

But fitting with the pathetic organisation of this RWC....

Screens at ground height so only half can be seen.

Changing stadium names so fans get confused. “Yokohama stadium” No its Nissan!

Lack of food and drinks at stadiums.

And cancelling games.

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You know the S.A. game plan.Have the chibi scrum-half kick the ball high in the air any chance he gets from the scrum.Will be a dour,ugly game I reckon.

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