rugby world cup 2019

At least 500,000 foreign fans expected to visit Japan for World Cup


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Inbound travel will drastically change ??? While i dont believe his 500.000 number to start with, even if so, 500.000 on 7 million ( sept/nov) do not make a drastic change. Every mayor sport event, and its my business, usually means a decline in overall visitor numbers for the country. Let’s wait and see. Nz, uk, australian numbers will be up. But you will see a drop in South korean/ Taiwan and maybe even Chinese numbers.

Keep hyping numbers can lead to big disappointments. It will be a good tournament, leave the superlatives away.

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There will probably be more fans visiting for the rugby than the olympics. There actually are rugby fans. Never met a 50k walk fan, swimming fan or small bore pistol shooting fan!

London had a net drop in foreign visitors for the olympic month.

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Yes nonsense figures. Many (most) people will go on tour packages. I know two who are and they've got tickets to 4 matches each. Few foreign tourists are going to go all the way to Japan for one match!

If there are 500,000 tickets available, I'd expect about 100,000 foreign tourists max.

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500,000 tickets = at least 500,000 fans?

So no tickets will end up in the hands of touts? There were plenty at the football world cup in 2002. Some of the ones I saw had Scouse accents....

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