rugby world cup 2019

England totally outplay All Blacks 19-7 to reach World Cup final

By Mitch Phillips

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Credit to England. They played well and the ABs couldn't really get a rhythm going. If England win the whole thing Eddie may well become Sir Eddie!

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The boys played great and AB's were not on form and gave away too many penalies. Still and amazing team and they will be back but the night belonged to England!

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England were unlucky not to have scored a few more tries. They were completely dominant. But it won't hurt the All Blacks to lose. You can't win forever. Tonight, they proved the old sports adage that the team that makes the most mistakes lose. They gave up at least 15 turnovers and more crucially they gave away four penalties within kicking distance.

They now have to turn up for the meaningless third-place playoff game next Friday.

I'm predicting an England-South Africa final.

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Don’t remember ever seeing AB being outplayed like this tbh, england were superb. Their 2 shortish backrows were outstanding, completely dominated the breackdown & tackle area.

Saffa TMO kept NZ in the game but eng were just too strong.

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Nuts. Bronze to NZ.

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Is there anyone in the room who knows how to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre?

All chokes aside, brilliant performance by England. I can remember perhaps two errors they made the whole game . They tore the Kiwis to shreds down the middle, humiliated their powder-puff forwards, and the Kiwis had nothing in reply.

There is no doubt about it : Eddie Jones is a genius and the best coach in Rugby Union. If the Australian Rugby Union had any sense and wasnt nearly bankrupt, theyd break the bank to get him home.

Well played England! Commiserations Kiwis.

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Well done England. You guys were the far better team tonight right from kick off. A better team than the 2003 winners and playing much better rugby than anyone else at this year’s tournament.

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Superb team performance. Itoje in particular was immense.

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Brace yourselves for the arrogant headlines from the English media... They make the Japanese media look decent.

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The best team won. Congratulations England.

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Very impressive. They started very strongly and just didn't let up.

Some fierce solo tackles, a real spectacle to behold.

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Brace yourselves for the arrogant headlines from the English media... They make the Japanese media look decent.


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Brace yourselves for the Kiwere self denying press......

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Eddie Jones is a great coach period. Japan needs to root him on. He helped turnaround Japan rugby last World Cup, he is half-Japanese by blood and even married a Japanese woman. I hope to catch the Final at a pub with English dudes so if they win, they can buy the booze for all.

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This was really a great Game to watch, right up to the last 15-20 minutes it could have been anyone's game. The English team prove to be the better side, with a brilliant defense, and constantly on the attack.

Tomorrow, will another riveting game to watch. England vs Wales or England vs Suid Afrika ?

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Brace yourselves for the arrogant headlines from the English media... They make the Japanese media look decent.

Winners get to crow. Losers get to sulk and squawk.

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England fully deserved their win over the favorites and proved that in sport, as in life, nothing is certain. They dominated the line- outs and ball possession was the key since without it NZ couldn't score tries. The close marking and fierce tackling by England suffocated the All Blacks. Interestingly, it looked as if Eddie Jones took a leaf out of the Sakura playbook with the swift pace, superb handling and accurate passing. I'm now looking forward to the final between England and South Africa (sorry, Wales).

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England played great & totally shut down the ABs.

The ABs just looked lost for most of the match, congrats to England!!

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I am not a rugby pro, but so far I believe England has delivered the strongest and most consistent performance in this WC.

My bet is on this team.

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Oh how I'd love to see the Welsh do the same tomorrow, what a final that would be.

Brace yourselves for the arrogant headlines from the English media

@seanwd20, you had a nightmare in last year's football world cup, glad to see you're having another now.

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