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Tickets for all Japan games at Rugby World Cup sell out


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Sold out because almost none were available. It seems quite apparent that the only tickets people overseas were/will be able to get are in expensive tour packages. For the same reason, domestic sales seem also to have been severely limited in number.

Had a queue number of 8,000 today but after waiting 3 hours to get in all but the most unpopular matches were sold out. Really don't know why they used that silly queue system at all really, organizers are getting flamed on social media for it.

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BS overseas people easily got tickets.

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I logged a few minutes after the 8.19pm sales period began on Tuesday evening (for unsuccessful ballot applicants). Within that short time the RWC website displayed the number of people in queue ahead of me as 74,000+ (not a typo). The notification email came in the next day at about 11am.

I checked later but by then virtually all the low'-mid priced seats on offer had gone. The only match I recall where it was still possible to get any class of seat was for the Russia-Scotland game. I didn't even bother this morning.

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Took a while to register. Endless pics to click on to prove I'm not a robot. Then couldn't log in. System down for maintanence now??? Piss poor!

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And let’s not forget that you had to gamble. People now have far too many tickets to matches they don’t really want to go to but gambled in hopes of getting anything. And now they can’t “give back” the tickets so those who really do want to go to those matches, can. They’ll end up trying to sell them - and might make money off them because organizers messed this up so badly.

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The system seemed fine to me. Its a question of patience.

When I logged in just after 10am I was at number 169,000 in the queue. When I woke up around 2pm I was there. Ended up with 3 tickets to England's first game v Tonga. Expensive at Y15,000 each but if you were ever fortunate enough to get a ticket at Twickenham (gold dust is easier to find) you would pay the same or more.

The only drawback is trying to get travel to Sapporo and the airlines are taking liberties - Y55,000 from Tokyo the cheapest flights for those dates.

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Got tickets to the Blackness in Oita, will have to work weekends for months as I forked out ¥44k for two tickets :)

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