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Folau raises over A$650,000 on Christian lobby website

By Geoff Caddick and Andy Buchanan

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People need to understand the idea of freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences of that speech as it applies to employment or other non public situations.

He can say as he likes, he isn't going to jail, his rights to express his opinion aren't being restricted... but yes he lost his job because as a private enterprise his actions were out of line with the conduct for that position, in which his contract most likely included specific wording about social network statements..

Being religious, neat... not for me, but live your personal life as you like, be gay don't be gay.. whatever, but it all looks very petty and sad on his part.

If you choose to follow something that puts you at odds with your employment or other rules about serving the public for example, that is your choice, but you might need to find yourself a new job, thats life, but you don't get to just wave a flag of "personal beliefs" to do whatever you want.

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NZ2011, so would you be OK with an employer that is against homosexuality sacking a player that posted a pro-gay comment on Instagram?

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Sure, freedom of speech is great until bomb threats are made.

Being in your religion doesn't mean you should be putting up threats against others, thou this is slightly teetering on the edge.

If it is in the code of conduct of the organization then they have all the right to fire you, not sure about how protective Australian laws are.

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Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights apply to Folau's statements, so maybe that's what his team will be falling back on.

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NZ2011, so would you be OK with an employer that is against homosexuality sacking a player that posted a pro-gay comment on Instagram?

Slightly different imo. Folau didn't make a 'pro Christian' comment he basically had a go at anyone who's not Christian, straight, home by 9pm etc.

Reckon openly-gay Nigel Owens would have also lost his job of he'd been insulting/lecturing straight ppl/ Christian do-gooders for years.

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All he did was basically quote the Bible. And there are basically the same things on these issues in the Koran as well.

Lets look at what he said, he didn't hopelessly condemn Gays and atheists etc etc. He basically said ... "Unless you repent ......"

so it his own way he was trying to help them, not a blanket condemnation with no escape. You might not see the difference but its there.

These were no hos words, these are the words of the Bible and pretty much most of western civilization was built more or less on it. Most top Universities were Christian and we still swear on the Bible not The Gods Deluison

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clash between the right to freedom of religious expression and restrictions on hate speech.

Yeah, Christianity is being turned into hate speech. Christian values are being replaced by the values of those who control almost everything we see, read, and hear.

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To say that sinners will go to hell is metaphorical at best. Surely people don't really believe that stuff these days. Or do they?

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Rugby organizations should just worry about looking after players, rules, getting people to watch.

Israel is a great player. I don’t care if players are gay, straight, Muslim or whether they have a rainbow on the car or think the Pope is the anti-christ.

I just like watching Rugby.

As for LGBT teachers in religious schools, if a Catholic spends thousands to send their kids to a a private school, why can’t that school prefer teachers who agree with their principles.

I wouldn’t expect to be able to teach at an Islamic school and eat a pork chops in the cafeteria and make Allah jokes.

It’s just common sense.

People get too uptight.

Folau said a whole range of people are going to hell.

I fit a few of them and i could care less.

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People get too uptight.

Possibly because, as a role model, people will take his words to heart and words often have consequences. LGBT people being beaten up, attacked, villified, spat on and even murdered.

Why must religion be about singling out and hating peoples sexualities?

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The sad thing is many people and charity organisations in Australia are in need of money to stay alive and people have decided to donate theirs to someone who does not really need it (Folau has lots of money , he can fund his legal battle which he choose to launch, news said he recently sold his Ferrari for half of millon). However, it is their money do they can decide what they want to do with them. What he should do next is to donate all the money raised to charities. Perhaps to some who fights for LGBT rights. Then I believe no one would dare to attack him again. He may get a good contact somewhere, too. You can believe homsexual people are going to hell but at the same time respect them. Just like I am an atheist but I respect other people's religions.

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Some religious schools do have restrictions on who can teach and the details of their private lives protected under "religious freedom" rules...

Why is it different because using your job and platform to target specific small groups based on your personal beliefs is just plain wrong.. the public should extend the most freedoms to the most people and protect those who can't protect themselves.

Christian values? the values most of us actually agree with are nearly universal in all cultures, religion smuggles in all of these other things.. want to know how to keep a slave read the bible.. If a few of the commandments was, thou shall stay out of other peoples business and thou shall never own another human being I might respect it a bit more.

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