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rugby world cup 2019

Ireland see off Scots 27-3 in rainy conditions

By Padraic Halpin

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Shows that Ireland are serious contenders. And also that Japan might have a chance if beating Scotland.

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Very unsportsmanlike behaviour from Ireland. First, they field a team of better players. Then they have the audacity to be better organized like they actually know what they're doing. Down with this sort of thing.

(Joking. Well done, Ireland.)

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Them wee Scots were no match for the Irish....

They played the first half as if they had the brawn to push their way forward - but were out classed, the Irish were more mobile and used their flanks better. The Weather was terrible, making the ball slippery, but that aside, it was not an outstanding game. I feel sorry for Scotland, but have joy for Ireland in their first win - well done Lads!

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Second half dragged a bit but a great day in Yokohama. 63,731 in attendance and the enthusiastic fans drank the city dry :-)

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That was a truly dreadful game of rugby. Ireland are beyond boring in their ""style"" and Scotland play like a team of amateurs. Just dreadful

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