rugby world cup 2019

Japan beats Scotland 28-21 to advance to Rugby World Cup quarterfinals for first time

By Mitch Phillips

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Rugby started when some kid said “hey give me back my ball.”

Then the other kid said, “Come get it you arsehole!”

Then they each went and got their friends to roll around in the mud until dinner time.

Congratulations Japan!

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What a game!!!

Congratulations to the Brave Blossoms. If you said to me before this tournament that Japan would top Pool A undefeated, I wouldn't of believed you. Not when Pool A had Ireland and Scotland in. But the Brave Blossoms have done exactly that!

And no matter what happens next in the knockout stages. Japan are the team of the tournament!!!

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What a game that was! Japan's slick passing/offloading's just awesome to watch, they really are a team like no other.

No wonder they're everyone's 2nd team (except on jt obviously haha!)

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I must admit I was supporting Scotland but Japan deserved this.

Scotland - get your act together. Your football team is awful and now your rugby team is going home early. Sort yourselves out ;)

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Great game and great defense right there at the end. I was worried because Japan looked a little burned out after going undefeated then gave up 2 quick trys.

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With so many guys going down crock and delaying play,there were at least 5 or so minutes that should have been added on like in football

Rugby' different mate, no added time as clock's stopped for every TMO check, yellow card, injury etc.

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Scotland No 1 was woeful and struggled to stay upright for 1 scrum. Useless ref called 1 penalty in first half. Not the rugby rules I was taught

Refereeing in this game is like what we are normally use to. No calls. Hard to understand after their interpretation for whole cup. Indication of what we'll see in the playoffs. Spineless, weak, no nuts refs, scared to make a call. Stark contrast to pool games, but at least they'll let the lads play footy

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Japan played well and held the game to win. Scotland however made the Game very tense right up to the end, making it a really good game to watch - quite riveting.

Japan is certainly showing that with good management, they can do well.

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Brilliant performance by the Brave Blossoms! They were ferocious in attack, and kept holding out Scottish at the end. Best performance of Rugby by Japan I have ever seen, in the first half.

Brave Blossoms have belief now, they beat South Africa in The Miracle of Brighton, and can do it again! They are unbeaten like the All Blacks, and a final of Japan v NZ would be a dream come true. 127million fans roaring Brave Blossoms all the way!! Go Go Brave Blossoms !!

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127million fans roaring Brave Blossoms all the way!! Go Go Brave Blossoms !!

Not sure about that, cobber. I watched this in my local izakaya ( Japanese-style pub/restaurant ) and most of the people there weren’t even looking at the TV.

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It was a great game EVERY try for Japan was a BEAUT!!!!

Congrats Brave Blossoms!!! Sweet after the loss 4yrs ago!

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"72,00 crowd"...def sounded more than that!

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What a game ! Congratulations Japan. Maginificent battle of the flowers, with the cherry blossom prevailing against the thistle. A historic milestone in Japanese rugby history. Kudos to Matsushima, Inagaki and Fukuoka. Japan has shown how determination, iron discipline and intestinal fortitude pays dividends. A thoroughly deserved win. Fun fact. Scotland join Ireland as one of two teams not to have beaten a tier 2 nation. 準々決勝進出おめでとうございます。 Best of luck against South Africa. "Victory road....."

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Well done, Japan. After their first game I was a bit doubtful, but they have played superb rugby with thoroughly deserved wins against Ireland and Scotland. Today's match was a wonderful spectacle .

The South African team must be worried.

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Some incredible stats from this year's World Cup (courtesy of the BBC)

Japan are just the fourth non-Tier 1 side to reach the quarter-finals and the first since Fiji in 2007

Scotland have failed to make it out of the pool stages for just the second time, after also doing so in 2011

Japan have won six consecutive Rugby World Cup matches, only Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and England have enjoyed longer winning runs

Samoa (1995, 1991) are the only other non-Tier 1 side to beat two Tier 1 sides in the same World Cup, as Japan have in 2019

If the level of growth that we have been seeing continues in Japanese rugby, maybe in the future Japan's status as a Tier 2 nation should be reevaluated.

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The secret of Japanese rugby is their sheer hard work, non-stop effort and superb teamwork. Their accurate passing and handling of the ball are essential elements to their success in scoring tries. In this thrilling game it was mostly the Japanese who provided the speed and the classy play to entertain and excite the crowd. I hope we can see some more great rugby from them against the stronger sides. Scotland's disorganized attacking lines lacked ideas and were let down by poor passing and handling, so they were unable to fully capitalize on their second-half rally. The Scots must go back to the drawing board and take a leaf or two out of the Japanese playbook if they want to score tries. Well done, Japan!

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Ifr Japan is going to meet Ireland in the final it will be much miracle than historical!

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Although not mentioned the entire parking lot under the stadium was flooded with water.

The ground keeper of the stadium was busily mopping the water from the pitch all afternoon to prepare for this match.

I want to give them and the organizers of this tournament a big round of applause to making this match happen!!!

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What a game that was! It was such an exciting game and hats off to both teams for playing at such intensity throughout. The pacing was consistent throughout and I was sure the lactic acid would kick in at some point. In the end, I thought Japan played better in the passing game, and their tackling was so clinical. Scotland made way too many errors in passing and couldn't handle the speed of Japan's wingers. I also liked Micheal Leitch's speech. He is such a humble person. Good luck to Japan in the quarterfinals!

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Great game Japan!

Japan must really be excited now over this team.

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If the level of growth that we have been seeing continues in Japanese rugby, maybe in the future Japan's status as a Tier 2 nation should be reevaluated.

I don't think anyone can call them second tier any more and should face the serious opposition more often, such as being included in the autumn internationals.

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This is the first time, I have seen Japan's rugby team play. I was surprised by the number of foreign-born players on the team (including three originally from New Zealand). Anyway good win, Japan.

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Scotland - get your act together. Your football team is awful and now your rugby team is going home early.

It gets worse than that. I just read we couldn't even win the World Porridge Making Championship.

I was surprised by the number of foreign-born players on the team

Scotland's squad has 14 foreign-born players to Japan's 16. Not such a difference. Only Samoa and Tonga have more. But then I'm neither Scottish-born or Japanese-born but apart from the first 12 months of my life, those are the only countries I've lived in. Which country should I make porridge for?

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If there is any "angle" to my comment, I want to say good on them. They love Japan, and I hope they will be accepted by fellow Japanese for the sacrifice they have made.

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It was an amazing game !

Great job Japan.

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Japan is moving out of its ethnocentrism -and like all nations : Germany, France, Us etc etc - imports players.


Superb coaching ; great team play !

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that little punt down the left side tho!

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Epic and well-deserved. I thought Scotland might get up for this game. But the positive SH-style rugby of Japan was just to good for them. Great work by referee O'Keefe too. The SR refs have been the pick of the lot. World Rugby will likely be too myopic to give them the knock games they deserve... but fingers crossed.

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South Africa vs Japan RWC rematch. It's one week away and I can't contain the excitement.

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Rugby was the winner on the day

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