rugby world cup 2019

Japan rises to record high 7th in world rugby rankings


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Excellent news! If this isnt now enough reason to promote Brave Blossoms to "Tier 1" in World Rugby, nothing will be. They have really made the world sit up and take notice of Japanese style rugby!

Go Go Brave Blossoms!!

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Well done lads, enjoy this moment. Whatever else happens from here on, you've done the nation proud.

Even if some still don't "get" the game.

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I never thought this would happen. It's so good to see.

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Amazing well done men! For those who are interested to play for a county you need to have lived for 3 years or more.

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Japan are now a tier one rugby nation. But tier one has two levels. South Africa, NZ, England, Australia and France have qualified for every quarterfinal. Next comes Ireland, Wales, Argentina and Italy.

Japan has poor SA in 2015 and Ireland and Scotland this year. You have to fancy their chances against Argentina and the whipping boys of European rugby, Italy.

But, just like Premier league soccer, there is quite a difference between the top and bottom teams. Japan has improved greatly in the past 8 years. With the new found love of rugby in the nation, I’m sure this will continue as more money is generated in the game so more talent can be bought in. Exciting times for Japanese rugby...

Can’t wait for the weekend! Hope my liver can hold up!

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