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Waratahs edge Sunwolves 31-30 in Super Rugby


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Smartacus, these arent national teams and there no restrictions on how many foreign players you can field in super rugby. The Japanese domestic league does have restrictions however. In saying that a few of the foreign players actually are Japanese now so less 'foreign' players than you think. The Japanese national team has a few players originally from outside of Japan. It's not as easy as getting your passport and your in the team though. There are certain criteria to meet before you can play for a national team, especially if they've played for another country previously.

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Most of the Sunwolves players in this photos look non-Japanese. The Japanese team seems to have a lot of foreign-born players, too. I'm curious. Does anyone know the international rugby regulations about this? Is there a limit? In theory, if 15 non-Japanese players got Japanese citizenship, could they form a Japanese team? I'm surprised Japan has given Dan Carter citizenship so he can play in the World Cup.

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The Japanese rugby regulations stipulate that if you can pass the following criteria, you are eligible to play for the Japanese national team ;

eat 20 plates of sushi at Hamazushi,

drink 5 tall cans of Kirin lager followed by 3 x one-cup sake,

actually win money at pachinko

sing 4 SMAP songs at karaoke

name any 12 of the AKB48 members

Welcome to the CherryBlossoms !!

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