rugby world cup 2019

Watch the game or have a pint? World Cup fans may face a choice in Japan

By Jack Tarrant

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That's one of the things I miss most about Oz/the west. Very few 'proper' sports bars with a big -ideally outdoors- tv screen, TV's, decent pub food etc outside of Tokyo. It's all izakaya (which I also love), cafes/bars. Will be interesting to see how they cater to rwc fans.

"Fans who come and watch rugby games are, in general, gentlemen and they are more likely to clap their opponents too. I don't see that kind of scenario during soccer games," said Ohta.

"I have seen a lot of people come to watch rugby games and I realized they are gentlemen. So, how they drink will be gentle as well.

Bit cliche imo.

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Tsuyoshi Ohta, the president of a nationwide chain of British-style pubs that regularly show international sport, said 'Hub' had learned from Japan's experience during the soccer World Cup in 2002 and that their 107 venues across the country were taking steps to prepare for the influx of rugby fans.

And they'll do just fine, because they've done their homework. Many other businesses will lose out, which is a shame. They only have to offer a temporary accomodation (in terms of opening/closing and clientele) it's not like it's going to be forever.

Even if you're not a fan of The Hub chain, you've got to admire their business sense, regarding this major sporting event.

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I call Fukuoka home ( Well..second home) and there are several sports bars around town that are dedicated to keeping the punters oiled and well fed, Fish and Chips, pies and general pub grub, all located within walking distance of each other. Surely the Rugby village will be the kicking off point for getting on the waste bro!

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