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All-you-can-drink beer train runs after World Cup Rugby game in Osaka


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Just what rugby bros needs to be even more annoying.

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The same execs that organize that will be on TV soon to complain about Halloween...

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This country is suffering from alcoholism.

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It’s interesting to note that there is not one foreigner in that photo.

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The three-car train ran for about two hours from Higashi Hanazono Station to Osaka Uehonmachi Station after the match between Italy and Namibia at the stadium ended.

How do they do these trains for 2 hours because the stations are like 8 or 9 stops away from each other? Does it just run back and forth?

Anyways I supported the Kintetsu Buffaloes heavy back in the days so Kintetsu needs to hook me up big time after I go to the rugby match at Hanazono in a few weeks. Bottoms up! lol

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Good for them! Proof that alcohol and public transport can be combined without problems in Japan.

It’s interesting to note that there is not one foreigner in that photo.

Unless we are shown theyre passports, we simply dont know if this is true.

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I'm a sports fan and like beer, but this "let's push drinking beer while watching rugby into the mainstream" a bit bizarre. It smells of the same commercialism that is driving betting on football (soccer) matches.

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It’s interesting to note that there is not one foreigner in that photo.

Pretty sure the guy in the lower left is a foreigner. He looks Turkish or something. Not to be racist...

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Pretty much every conbini near the Yokohama stadium was out of beer yesterday.

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This is EXACTLY what the Japanese need. The promotion of alcohol! Let's give them more reason to drink, since there is a shortage of domestic violence, child abuse and murder of spouses. :::Rolls eyes:::

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Nothing like sitting in close quarters with mostly a whole bunch of guys. No, thanks. Sports bars for me.

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No, Chip Star and I were comparing the behaviour of soccer / rugby fans at world cups. Rugby fans: loud, obnoxious drunks. Soccer fans: racist, destructive, violent, loud, obnoxious drunk hooligans.

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It’s interesting to note that there is not one foreigner in that photo.

They're busying training in the national squad.

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"I was so excited about supporting Italy. I don't know how much beer I had during the match and on the train," 

That bad, huh?

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Presumably what this means is that the train with free beer was operating over a period of 2 hours after the match, not that it took 2 hours for the journey (which would normally only be about 16 minutes).

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