rugby world cup 2019

Beaumont hails Japan 2019 as 'probably the greatest Rugby World Cup'

By Julian GUYER

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The excitement and enthusiasm of the fans and watching the fabulous final match was amazing. Truly a once in-a-lifetime experience.

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Japan is simply the best for holding such international events. Everything is well run and organized, locals love sports especially if Japan does well. much to see and do here beyond the games, it is safe, food is great, people are kind to strangers and on and on. The Olympics no doubt will be equally fantastic with the exception that it is mostly in Tokyo, whereas the RWC was in all four islands.

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@ Zurcronium

No doubt the organisation was good.

But a friend of mine who went to watch 2 games from oversea made the following comments:

Food and drink delivery was far much too less and too slow, when even available.

No fan zone around the events before/after match.

Commuting schedule with bullet trains was bad (he had to leave one game 15 minutes before the end to catch it).
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Fan zones in Tokyo were a disaster..screens too low.

Many fan zones closed after the group stages.

Food and drink provision in stadiums was poorly organised.

Re-naming stadiums led to confusion for fans.

And cancelling games.....not postponing but cancelling?

I’d give them a “C” grade at best.

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"As we look to the future, I can confirm today that the Rugby World Council has approved the implementation of a dual host selection process for 2027 and 2031," Beaumont said.

It's one thing hosting a WC in Wales & England, quite another doing it in NZ & Australia or France & Italy. I sincerely hope Bill isn't reading from the FIFA handbook.

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I was riding on the monorail in Okinawa yesterday and heard two Japanese ladies saying that they would like to watch rugby especially the All Blacks! This is quite an achievement to bring a sport to a country and make people excited about it. The Japanese team has done really well to create such a fever interest in the sport.

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Rest easy, it doesn’t mean two nations will host a single cup, it means two editions of World Cup hosts will be decided at the same time. More here:

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