rugby world cup 2019

Brave Blossom bonanza as rugby jerseys fly off shelves

By Etienne Balmer and Richard Carter

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How many of those that bought it had no interest in rugby before now? And will lose interest when the World Cup is over. And please, please, change the teams name!!

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LMFAO. England.. the only jersey not selling out

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Go Go Brave Blossoms! Dare to Dream and make the Final!

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The boom will end on Sunday when they lose to Scotland!

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I am backing the Brave Blossoms to win against Scotland on Sunday. Go Brave Blossoms, Go Japan !

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Man, people need to venture out more. I saw a lot of jerseys at the sports store in the local Aeon Mall a few days ago.

One thing I am curious about is about jersey wearing in different countries. In the U.S., we wear jerseys anytime game day or not. I have quite a few Hanshin Tigers jerseys and clothing but never see people wearing their favorite team's clothing outside of the stadium.

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How many of those that bought it had no interest in rugby before now?

Does that matter? If it makes them interested in rugby in the future, is that not good (or quite mental, depending on your point of view)?

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