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England fined for encroaching on All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup

By Alastair HIMMER

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I didn't know about the centre line bit so if they crossed, fine.....FINE them LOL!!

I kind of liked Englands approach, bet others will do similar in the future unless it becomes ONLY the ABs who can try to intimidate, lets face it THAT is a big part of this!

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Yeah I suppose they had to reluctantly fine them under the rules. Was worth every penny though.

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Surprised that a tournament has a special rule just for them, not sure if the referee did actually inform them it is a violation of the tournament rules cause I'm quite sure not everyone would know about such a specific rule.

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England won the match right there with that V.Showed the All-Blacks that their intimidation wasn't happening on their watch.And they shut 'em down to boot.Maybe best put the haka away for the 3rd place game.No-one wants to see it.The aura of it has been shattered.

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The All Blacks should be fined for doing a silly waste of time dance.

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I'm not a big fan of this sport, but I have to agree about the dance routine before the game. It's all just pageantry and makes me embarrassed for them. Fining England for this is a pretty harsh.

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c,mooon seriously ?

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Just another one of WR silly little rules ( nothing to do with the AB, pretty sure they're annoyed/embarrassed by the whole fine/wr ruling thing).

Surprised that a tournament has a special rule just for them, not sure if the referee did actually inform them it is a violation of the tournament rules 

Again pre match 'rituals' aren't specific to rugby nor nz (nor to this rwc). Other PI nations have their own, so do league guys even basketball folks do it (at least occasionally, not too sure tbh).

I remember a NZ vs oz junior league game a few years back that had a pretty heated/tense haka. France vs AB 2007 also up there with the best (much more confrontational than what we saw on the weekend with England, no fine though).

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Japan's gotta come in and do their own thing - like the sumo stomp. That'll win them the next world cup

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The haka is a challenge, and the English met it with a challenge of their own. Brilliant response, followed up by an outstanding performance.

That said, regardless of whether it's fair or not - and I guess it's there to prevent incidents like the one goldorak mentioned, they knew the rule and broke it. Compounded by the fact that some of them ignored the referee's request that they back-up.

Anyways, $3000 or so? I'm sure they won't miss it.

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The All Blacks should be fined for time wasting with the “hokey Kokey dance” before every match.... boring...ZZZ at least we won’t have to endure it in the final!

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Yes we get it England gave an outstanding performance. Why do you people go on about it? No wonder no other country supports you.

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The England NZ game was great, but it did start about three to four minutes late. I like sports, but I do not want to sit around any longer than necessary watching them. If I tune in at kickoff, that's what I want to see.

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Oct. 22  09:50 am JSTPosted in: New Zealand beatable, insists England coach Jones  See in context

The English are dreaming, they don't have a chance.

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Hilarious. BTW, I'm a New Zealander. I just know a good performance when I see one.

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The English V sign was inspired. Some people take themselves far too seriously. Rugby is just a game and the haka is only a bit of light intimidation, or entertainment, take your pick.

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Yes we get it England gave an outstanding performance. Why do you people go on about it?

Maybe they enjoy it like you enjoy bringing your rays of sunshine to our days.

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I didn't realize rugby was this petty.

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The haka is now part of the AB "package". If you interfere with it, the sponsors might get upset.

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I was telling a mate what happened and explained that a couple English players crossed the line. He responded, "Sure, but what did they do?" I repeated, "they crossed the line, literally."

"Oh, I see" he responded.

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There hasn’t always been the rule, and it’s there to try and stop some tense standoffs from getting out of hand. That has happened in the past. English challenge was a good one but at the same time they know the rules. The French I think have received a fine for crossing the line in the past. As for haka haters... meh.

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It is the All-Blacks who should be fined for wasting two minutes in this ridiculous spectacle. If they want to perform their haka, they should perform it in their dressing room before the game.

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When social decency, decorum, and sportsmanship, are eliminated from the game,

it ceases to be entertainment, and may as well not even have referees.

But, since we do, failure to show respect on the field,

either between players, or players and officials,

should result in the automatic ejection of the offending player(s)

(in American football, that used to be the case, even if a player

accidentally touched a referee,

except, of course, if the ref got in the way of a play, which is rare;

for the past few years, I've seen players get away with a lot of abuse of officials).

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It is the All-Blacks who should be fined for wasting two minutes 

England was awesome but George Ford wasted more time lining up kicks that were directly in front of the goal than the time that was spent on the haka. If you don’t wanna watch it, just don’t watch it.

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Friends and I went to a bar and chatted briefly to a Kiwi claiming his cousin was on the pitching playing.My first thought was if that were so,how come you couldn't score any tickets???

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Sorry about the word " pitching." Should be pitch or field,probably field.

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What a paltry fine for an absurd infraction. As someone said, I’m sure it was worth it. Always have found that little choreographed dance amusing, they look like a boy band. AB31 dancing on the pitch!! ちょーっカワイイ❣️

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England will now hire a full-time dance choreographer to get them set up to do their own performance. It’ll be called the Haka hacker.

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I think the fine was donated to charity, although it seems petty, considering that the New Zealand players themselves seem to think it was appropriate and has no issue with it?

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Jimizo:Yes we get it England gave an outstanding performance. Why do you people go on about it?

Bad Loser!

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Teams should just turn their backs on this ritual dance ..not even look them and turn backwards.

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Could’ve been anything from jealousy out of not having something of their own (or maybe intimidation). But seriously whatever formation you make, you’re just an onlooker and the little English felt exactly that for the duration of the kiwis’ limelight.

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^^^^ Evidently they did not

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