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Folau crowdfunding campaign for legal bills shut down

By Saeed KHAN

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This seems completely disproportionate, even by "woke capital" standards. Regardless of what you think of Folau or his specific comments, this clearly wasn't a campaign aimed at justifying what he said or convincing anyone of his worldview. It was simply a campaign to fund employment law litigation which would determine whether or not Folau's employer breached its obligations under the player's contract or some other aspect of NSW employment law. Even if Rugby Australia made a morally justifiable decision in sacking Folau, it doesn't mean that it was legal. Companies like GoFundMe should not be de-platforming people who are seeking to enforce their legal rights.

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The whole thing has turned nasty, especially within the oz rugby community. Thought Drew Mitchell's & Clyde Rathbone's w-e tweets/comments in particular were in poor taste tbh (esp rath's).

How did we get there :(

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You got there by tolerating religious bigots for too long.

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