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French referee Garces to handle Rugby World Cup final


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Garces handled the game without any incident and there were no contentious calls in the game.

I beg to differ, there was at least one scene where he clearly effected play while standing around the back of a ruck. I think the Welsh were the victims, and they lost probably 5-10 metres amongst the confusion / expectation that the referee would blow his whistle, but it was play on. 

No effect on the result, in the end though.

But he's not too bad, I guess.

New Zealander Ben Skeen will be the Television Match Official.

He was the TMO who in a pool match, I think, declared a forward pass to not be forward, and was over-ruled by the referee on the pitch!

I think Nigel Owens is always good, not sure why he wouldn't be involved on the final weekend.

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All rugby referees have their faults. They're only human. It's not an easy task. They play the role of teacher more than that of referee. I'm sure he'll be fine.

When we start cheering for the referee over the teams, we may have to re-consider things.

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Could probably argue back and forth on Garces but Ben Skeen... Really?? Anyone but him This guy literally got pretty much every major decision wrong and was terrible in between...

AUS v WAL was in the refs ear all bloody night, making something out of nothing with that Kerevi fend, but then seeing nothing to review when the Welsh try had Davies at least very suspect of being offside.... ( first half was almost 55 minutes just because of the constant TMO interference)

ENG v AUS try to offer the pass was not forward, at least the referee had the sense to put him in his place on that one....

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