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rugby world cup 2019

Future bright for Japan rugby after 'fairytale' World Cup

By Alastair HIMMER

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A bright future indeed, best wishes!

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Japan played absolutely fantastic this world cup, sadly one third of the team will retire the next worldcup so I hope Japan can find good replacements and keep the spirit alive.

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Even though they didn't win, I'm glad to see they at least look as if they enjoyed the tournament. Absolutely disgusted with the English players who saw their silver medals as nothing except trash.

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Brave Blossoms were the Team of the World Cup and should of gotten a special trophy by WRU. They did not play boring rugby like so many teams by kicking and try to get field position. They threw the ball around and constantly attack. No one gave them any chance of making that Quarter Final. To be honest, I am the only person I know who did.

Next World Cup, in France, the aim must be for the Semi Final minimum. Japan is the rising force now in world rugby. Go go Brave Blossoms in 2023!!

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I don't play rugby but good luck to the sport in Japan.

Many kids' sports in Japan are stuck in a model of six or seven days a week, sempai-kohai rigidity, no days off or you're out of the first team, and OTT demands on parents to buy extensive and expensive sets of strips, training gear, jackets, team bags. If new rugby clubs are to set up, it would be good if they could reject these practices which plague baseball, soccer, volleyball etc. clubs in this country.

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