rugby world cup 2019

Slippery balls, high tackles: 5 Rugby World Cup talking points

By Richard Carter

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Slippery balls are always a problem

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Slippery balls?

No sniggering at the back!

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There are rugby fans in Japan but it’s a really niche sport. If Japan goes past the pool stage, people in the general population will jump on the bandwagon and rugby fever may spread in October. Otherwise it’s just a big party for the half million foreigners travelling here to cheer and drink beer in exotic Japan.

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Is there anyone living in Japan who is interested in rugby? I don’t even know the rules.

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"Slippery balls, high tackles"

Starring Dirk Diggler as "The Closer"

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Is there anyone living in Japan who is interested in rugby? I don’t even know the rules.

I know several fans and players. The basic rules are relatively simple - get the ball over the other team's back line, but you can't throw the ball forwards - only run with it or kick forward.

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Rugby unwatchable? No way! It's fast, mulit dimensional & exciting. It's all over in 80 minutes and not interrupted by time outs, commercials & exchanging player line ups. Overall the players are far more athletic than american football. It's also way more of a global sport.

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Rugby is almost as unwatchable as American Football, but not quite.

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