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Japan beats Russia 30-10 in Rugby World Cup opener


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Fantastic result, well done Brave Blossoms, WELL DONE ! Mission accomplished. Matsushima-san is so fast, and unstoppable. I think the Irish players will be worried. A hat-trick in opening WC game, probably unprecedented.

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I think the Irish players will be worried

Bit of an overstatement, cobber. I can’t imagine they’ll be wobbling like Rolf’s board.

Anyway, well done to Japan. Job done.

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Well done Japan (plus all the gaijin who qualify as being Japanese). Well-earned victory.

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I think the Irish players will be worried.

Hehe nice one ;)

Ireland's coaches might be the only ones worried tonight... re trying to keep the troops focused on the J game. Was really expecting a lot more from J tbh (too much perhaps). The 2 replacement props did well and so did lemeki & kotaro. Not the same team without Amaneki Mafi though. Hope he's back vs Ireland (and samoa, scotland as they'll need their best XV to have any hope).

A win's a win though, well done.

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Good job Japan, nicely done !!

I had to explain to wife that 30 - 10 isn't such a big score in rugby. I think she was thinking about football ( soccer for the yanks here ).

She didn't believe me until I showed her the biggest win in rugby worl cup history .... note to Ganbare Japan, you shouldn't search that buddy.... It's a shocker :(

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Yeah expected the win but a better performance from Japan. Opening game jitters maybe? Didn't see it unfortunately as I was working, but from all accounts it seems Japan wasn't their best. Hope they pick up but yeah, win is a win and a bonus point at that.

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A real shaky start for Nippon but they soon made a comeback.

Their other games might not be so easy though...

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very satisfying to have this as top story in JT. job well done Japan! just the first day and we can feel the happiness and excitement in the air. sports really is a precious thing.

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This shows that diversity is the key.

I seriously doubt if their national team was made by “pure” japanese they would have a chance.

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Gambare Japan

yes sure,amazing! Fantastic!! Unbelievable!!!

With such a team Japan will win the world cup

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Great number of Japanese people are interested in the rugby world cup. I really think so. Yeah.

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Goos for them. Ignore the haters

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The football played was a bit too frantic from japan and they were definitely feeling the pressure. There were far too many poor options taken by the 1st5/8. After 2 mins of kicking behind the Russians the job was done and they tired and ready to open up. But Japan kept kicking. I'm sure that Japan will be better for this game - but the reality is that the other teams in their pool will think that Japan respond poorly to pressure now.

Th Japanese number 8 played very well - his hands aren't the greatest, but his will to dominate the contact and drive through the tackle were the best amongst his pack.

Great to see Russia stay in the game for as long as they did

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