rugby world cup 2019

Japanese police urged to take 'light-touch' approach toward fans at Rugby World Cup

By Jack Tarrant

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Quite right, rugby fans are noisy and are not averse to the odd drink or two but not violent. I remember an England Scotland game at Murrayfield, the large Scotsman standing beside me was roaring imprecations at the ref and telling his team to rip the heads off the opposition, (I was yelling just as loud in the opposite direction so he knew I was English) turned to me and offered me a drop of whisky from his flask then went back to deprecating the English!

Rugby is a civilised game that leaves the violence on the field.

I will be very interested to watch how the Japanese police behave and react to a situation well out side of their experience, with people who do not conform in any way to their expectations of normal behaviour?

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It's the gentleman's game.

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It's just not Cricket, which is... the Gentleman's game.

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Cricket, football, rugby, golf... All have been called the gentleman's game.

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Japanese ‘police’ doesn’t have experience with anything not just noisy fans. They need 20 people to subdue a drunkard in Shibuya. What will they do with thousands of them during the Games?

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I just hope the pubs have enough beer to keep the punters happy...Kumamoto and Oita are in for rocking good time!

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