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rugby world cup 2019

O'Shea rues 'horrible' end to Italy's World Cup campaign

By Anne-Christine POUJOULAT

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It's an utter disaster. If NZ needed they points they would have found a way to play the game. I'm certain of it. I feel so disappointed for the Italians.

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Absolutely mind-boggling, these decisions. As some have said, several years in the making, and the organizers had no contingency plans? Don't tell me, they never knew typhoons could strike Japan?

What would have happened if these matches were in the knock-out stages? What if it were a NZ-Japan final (yes, far-fetched, I know, but just an example)? Would they cancel it, give both teams two points, and say they're both winners?

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@Pukey2 - I've heard there are contingency plans for the knock out stages. So that begs the question, why can't there be the same plans for pool games that are also essentially knock out opportunities. Eg NZ v Italy - while unlikely that Italy would come close... mathematically there was still a chance to get through.

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The most farcical thing is, the weather will just be like a windy day back in Ireland/Scotland/England.

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Sergio Parisse was right when saying, if New Zealand needed points to qualify they would have made plans in a heartbeat. The contingency plan should be moving dates, locations or playing behind closed doors, not outright cancelling games. For clarity, no one is asking for the games to be played DURING the typhoon.

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Ever since I am professionally involved in rugby I hear only talk about FairPlay and rugby family. Really?

In that case the solution is as simple as it gets. Australia and others refuse to play unless all group matches are played and rescheduled. No matter what punishment IRB or Loc2019 threatens with, they can never be enforced or the World Cup ends here and rugby is finished.

All the teams he teams need to do is stand firm and stand together.

As rugby claims to be different, now is the time to proof it.

Might also spare a thought for the real rugby family, the fans !

Logistically , including broadcast, it is a challenge but certainly very possible.

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Mind you 0 - 100+ is also a horrible way to finish.....

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