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S African ref triggers anger for 'mocking' France red card


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The Ref clearly showed poor taste in the post-event photo-shoot.

But the Red card was undeniably the correct decision at the time.

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Maybe not appropiate, but this is the price to pay for try to break a jaw..

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Now the victimizer is victim along with his whole country.

Will wonders never cease?

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The red card was certainly deserved but a referee should not be fraternizing with fans of the team whose game he just refereed the same day. I thought overall his performance was quite poor and the winning try by Wales near the end of the game was a questionable call, too.

Anyway, I hope he is not given another game to referee. I'd like to see Nigel Owens get the NZ-England game and a New Zealand ref for the Wales-South Africa clash.

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There were howls of protests from Twitter users slamming Peyper's judgement, with several calling it "shameful", "disturbing" or "stupid"...

The French player's cheap shot to the head was shameful and definitely disturbing. Goodbye France!

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