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rugby world cup 2019

Rugby World Cup organizers focus on filling stadiums


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I applied 3 times for tickets last year and didn't get any!

how do they expect to fill the stadiums?

I won't be trying again.

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A kiwi friend tried 12 times & got nothing .

Don’t know who is getting all the tickets, but let’s hope we aren’t seeing 1000’s of empty seats like we did at the 2002 World Cup

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Applied for 5/6 tix (wasn't easy), got 3 'ok', paid for them but haven't heard anything since. Certainly not the smoothest ticket buying process i have seen.

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Tickets confirmed and cannot wait. As long as the remainder of tickets go to fans and not corporate jollies.

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Fingers crossed for the 1st in best dressed option on Jan 19th. All I want is 1 measly ticket to the Blackness in Oita. If I have to sell hot dogs in the stadium to get in, I'll do it!! :)

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Good luck to you, LunarTuner.

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I applied in 2 rounds (around 14 games total I think) and nothing. Zero. A friend applied for 7 games and got tickets to 1. This is all even with the Mastercard application which supposedly doubles your chances.

They have a "consolation" round but it allows anyone who missed even one ticket at just one game to enter, meaning that people who successfully got tickets can also still apply again.

If they still have so many tickets available & selling them is such a chore, why not set allow residents to actually buy them? I even applied for several games marked as "low interest" as a fall-back and STILL nothing.

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