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Australian rugby boss says Japan must prepare for a different kind of fan


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There needs to be a comprehensive programme in place to develop the game at grass roots level so that in years to come some of those players progress through to the national team.

My experience of rugby fans is that they are not drunken brawling fools. Loud, boisterous and not averse to a drink but not trouble makers or violent. Having said that, such behaviour may be out side the expected norm of Japanese experience, so there will be a learning curve for the authorities, which hopefully is already under way.

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"A large number of that boisterous foreign contingent will be Australian"

It's already starting. What she really means is to be prepared for outrageous, druken, brawling fools. I once said sometime ago, that I tour Japan solo and when a bunch of foreign tourists are near me, I move away as fast as possible. After these games, Japan might go into isolationist mode.

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she sounds so arrogant. maybe this woman could come teach English here too and solve the country's problems during her year here.

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