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rugby world cup 2019

Black market booming for World Cup final tickets

By Mitch Phillips

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"Rather than 'ripping people off,' this is the market working perfectly."

No it isn't. This is creating a vehicle for hacker/touts who jam up the official sales site, buy up all the available tickets they can, and then sell on as many as possible for ridiculous markups. Some won't sell, but that's OK. If you're charging 4 or 5 times, or even 15 times the face value, you can afford to let some go unsold.

I hope the Olympics and future events start checking names on tickets and turning people away. (The official ticket sales site allows for reselling unused tickets. There is no need for Viagogo or Stubhub.)

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No sport to my knowledge has ever managed to stop touts finding a way to do this kind of thing. I've been to plenty of games where my name has been printed on the ticket and I've never been asked to provide ID. Sometimes I haven't even needed to show a ticket.

If you're charging 4 or 5 times, or even 15 times the face value, you can afford to let some go unsold.

Agreed. Empty seats in a sold-out stadium is so annoying.

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taj, the official resale site has customers waiting 3 to 4 months for their official refunds.

It's fine for those who wanted the resale tickets, but awful for those who want their official refunds.

The mess of the official resale now encourages ticket holders to resell on the black market. At least they will get their cash back.

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It's been my dads dream to see England in a World cup final and probably the last real chance he'll get, so I did pay 1200 euros for a ticket for him but that's nothing considering how many of my dreams my dad made true!

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