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Fans allowed to bring food after shortages at Rugby World Cup venues

By Jack Tarrant

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All about the beer...

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Beer is food...for the soul and mind.

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And just think, next year we get to watch an even bigger display of organizational incompetence! With twice as many organizers at least, we can expect at least twice the amount of incompetence.

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the organizing committee, in consultation with World Rugby, has taken the decision to allow fans to bring a reasonable amount of food into the venue for personal consumption

“Reasonable“ Eh? I wonder who’s going to decide what “reasonable“ is.

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Yep, there were also a few safety concerns:

"A video shot by Davies and posted to Facebook shows a corridor and stairway inside the stadium, which is home to the Nippon-Ham Fighters in Japanese professional baseball, packed with fans unable to make progress toward the exits. Agitated fans can be heard yelling for staff to open more doors.

Several commenters responding to the video echoed Davies' sentiments.

"It was unsafe and a complete review of evacuation procedures is needed before tomorrow's game," wrote one.

"It was a debacle. As was getting a beer. Good game though!" said another.

full article

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I like bringing my own food and drinks into baseball games.

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Just take a leaf out of the heroin smugglers’ book and swallow the contraband; I managed eight pints’ worth last time I tried....

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"a reasonable amount of food" into the stadiums, starting with Monday night’s match between Wales and Georgia in Toyota City.

What is reasonable? What you can carry?

Did anyone see the Japanese fans staying after to clean up the stadium?

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You can't drink on an empty stomach. The organizers know this. This is to make sure the beer sales dont drop.

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Enough. I assume EVERYBODY so far who has commented has BEEN to a IRB,FIFA or IRB sole event? Waiting for hands up. I remember the terrible queues for beer and LACK of food at the Football WC in here in 2002, in what was otherwise a wonderfully organized, peaceful, fun event. They have acted promptly and could have let this rumble on for a few more games before it became a bigger issue. It hasn't , it's been sorted.

Social Media didn't exist in the form it does now in 2002. It ain't perfect but it's a bloody good compromise and I for one and sick and tired of the same people coming onto Japan Bash here for the sheer bloody sake of it.

Lessons have been learnt, and you whether they get carried over onto there Olympics next year will be entirely up to the IOC.

Moderate me if you must - and if you do remove my entire comment.

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"Reasonable“ Eh? I wonder who’s going to decide what “reasonable“ is.

Bring in a bento, an onigiri and a packet of potato chips - reasonable.

Bring in enough food to stock a combini - unreasonable.

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Bring in a bento, an onigiri and a packet of potato chips - reasonable.

Bring in enough food to stock a combini - unreasonable.

Bring in bucket of KFC and 8 cans of beer. reasonable?

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The pubs are running out of beer too. Let’s hope they get their act together for the Olympics. I don’t want to imagine what would happen if they run out of foods and cold drinks at Olympic venues in the middle of summer.

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Eat - drink - party.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat ad infinitum.

Oh, and BTW, 1 out of a thousand actually know there's a game going on, too.

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Great trial run for the Olympics. Organizers take note....

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I went to NZ vs Sth Africa & waited literally a full hour for food. One smart beer girl was plying her trade actually along that line it was so insanely long.

And then the next day I got an email about how now ppl can bring their own food in but there would continue to be Japanese and "international" food available. I'm genuinely puzzled as to what the international food option(s) were. The only one which could be remotely considered in that category was a plain sausage on a stick, no bun, no sides, just a sausage on a stick...otherwise it was just yakisoba, etc).

If they bothered having more than 4 staff at each food/drink window and served decent food they would make a killing. So many people I saw left the queue or didn't bother joining it because they saw how insane it was. Did they seriously not understand that people like to much on something along with their beer?

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Can anyone who has been to a game please tell me what alcohol is served at the stadium? I read a lot about beer but what about those that don’t drink beer or can’t due to dietary constraints (celiac condition). Flying into Japan from South Africa so would be good to get some feedback on this. Thanks in advance

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@Kameel: For alcohol it was beer or highball only. Non-alcohol, I think tea and a couple of Japanese type softdrinks like Calpis etc.

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Food concessions take so long to be approved here!

It takes months for approval so most people won’t bother for a night or two of sales.

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