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Folau says it would be 'Satan's work' to back down in dispute


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Jesus himself never condemned the so called 'sinners' in harsh tones. Rather he treated all with love and forgiveness and taught them that the greatest law is to love God and others.

But he did lambast the self righteous religious leaders who did condemn the 'sinners' harshly. Read the book of John chapter 8 to see how he handled the about to be stoned adulterous woman, telling her would be executioners "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." Then telling her kindly to "Go and sin no more."

While I admire his willingness to risk so much to say what he believes, I don't think Israel Folau represented Christianity very well.

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I get really angry when people use Christianity as their excuse to be judgemental and cruel. That is SO VERY far from the teachings of Christ that it would be funny if it weren't also so damaging.

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Whole thing is ridiculous.  Both his views but also the fact that he is being punished for them.  note also he insulted drunkards and fornicators and other "sinners" as well as our LBGT friends but no real uproar over that.

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This should only ever have been about whether he breached any terms of his employment contract by posting a divisive social media post. Australia is supposedly a country that believes in freedom of religion. In fact, its government ministers, judges and even Prime Ministers are sworn in by placing their hand on the very Bible that Folau was quoting from!!

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Why doesn't he quit being a "professional" rugby player and become pastor instead if he's so intent of sharing religious messages.

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The more he opens his mouth, the more crazy you realize he is. He has the right to free speech, but being professional is optional.

If he abuses his position by taking on contentious topics, then hey, deal with the onslaught.

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If you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say anything man.

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Zealots of any bent should not be given a platform to spread their poison.

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Folau, having breached his contract needs to go.

Same applies to Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle, who did not manage this at all.

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Surely there are many "sinners" who fall into one or all of the categories that he has cited but we aren't hearing from any of them. Having been a frequent sinner in many ways for many years I couldn't care less what others think or say about it and I can't understand why anyone would. It's a big fuss over nothing.

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Same applies to Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle, who did not manage this at all.

All she had to say was 'what Folau posted was his personal view', not the view of RA, and his target audience (those who followed him) are his fans, and Christian believers, and btw, he clarified it that previous time, and tgey accepted it.

The only reason why RA (Castle) stuffed it up this time is because of pressure from Qantas (whose CEO is gay), but guess what, Qantas is in a partnership with Emirates (UAE) where vilification of homosexual is written in law. Ah the sweet smell of hypocrisy....

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I didn't like what Israel Folau posted.

But it's wrong to terminate his contract for it. Just ignore it.

If we sack/fire/ostracise everyone for 'offensive' comments then who's gonna be left? We need to lighten up.

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Let him speak and let him play. The more religious bigots speak out, the more people can see them for what they are - bigots pure and simple.

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Jesus himself never condemned the so called 'sinners' in harsh tones.

Matthew 13

*This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous  and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.*

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