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rugby world cup 2019

Hansen fires shot at Six Nations to do more for global game

By Greg Stutchbury

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At least someone understands the full picture and not half the story.

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Again Hansen wants to turn rugby into cricket i.e all about test footy, no/irrelevant domestic comps. NT already play 15-16 tests a year ffs! Very insular view imo.

All major sports soccer, basket, volley and even baseball, league, afl have strong domestic comps, world cups and other international tourneys being the cherry on top. Hansen has to understand that less is more sometimes: brazil, germany, spain etc don't play each other every year (soccer), same with the usa & russia/serbia & co in basket etc. No one wants a rwc every year (aka their league of nations). All about $, again.

The 6N have a great, historical (and lucrative) tournament, packed stadiums, big TV & still have strong domestic/euro leagues & cups etc, why would they throw that away?! Not their fault if sanzaar have made a complete mess of super rugby & the RC (dwindling crowds/ tv ratings) and if SA/NZ federations have done the same with their own currie cup/old npc (still watch some mitre cup -and oz nrc- games sometimes; appalling crowds). Should have been cc/npc/oz top 4 sides play a super 12 sort of comp, winner's crowned SH champs.

"Once they do that, they're starting to think about the game rather than themselves."

Coming from the bloke/federation that demands $2-3M appearance fee to play england, wales & co. lol, what a hypocrite.

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I'd like to see a Northern vs Southern all stars team. Good for a one off end of year thing and I think it would draw an audience.

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Well put Steve Hansen. Arguably already Rugby's greatest coach (irrespective of the next 2 weeks) - this is the sort of guy that World Rugby needs to sort out the mess that institution has become.

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