rugby world cup 2019

S Africa edge Wales 19-16 to reach World Cup final

By Nick Mulvenney

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Wales vs England would have been amazing but not to be.

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Yesterday was a one sided game for the ages, today was box kick vs box kick, hardly up there with best games ever. Poms will crunch this final for sure...

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It was a tight game as expected but the Springboks were always going to be on top. Against England it could go either way. England starts as favourites but the books can win this one.

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Was rooting for Wales to win this. I was hoping to see Wales win the tournament to be honest.

Eng v SA - tough one to call.

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Can't wait to see the Springboks wipe the smirks of all the England fans in the final! They'll be tears an that will be a great sight.

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The men of Harlech did well. But there was one too many curly-whirly scrums.

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SA are definitely the most boring team I can think of to reach a final but the result is all they’ll care about I guess. Certainly not one for the neutral fans though...

England should beat them in the final unless they fail to handle that powerful forward line.

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If England can avoid handing out penalties and succeed in shutting down the pint-sized dynamo and brain of the Springboks, Faf de Klerk, they have an excellent chance of besting South Africa on the evidence of this boring, messy, scrappy game that unfortunately reminded us that we were indeed watching the inferior code of Rugby Yawnion.

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Such a boring game.

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One of the best rugby games I've seen.


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SA were always going to be hard to beat, especially when half the Wales team are carrying injuries. Had they won, they would’ve struggled to put a team out next week.

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I don't think the Players would have though of the game as Boring... both sides were equally matched, and the first half was a case of tit-for-tat penalty scores with both sides neck and neck. SA is through to the Finals. and shouldn't be dismissed as giving an easy Win to England... let's wait for next weeks match.

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A close, exciting match.

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Not exactly the most exciting of matches, but rather a tactical game of chess. Nevertheless, congratulations to South Africa and commiserations to Wales. When the dust settled, the blessed rains down in Africa had extinguished the red dragon's fiery onslaught. Hope Colbe will have made a full recovery in time for the final. Eddie vs. Rassie. May the best team win.

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Well, that's the second and fourth place play-off finished.

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