rugby world cup 2019

Rugby World Cup, F1 and typhoon: What could happen?


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Still expected to have my daughter's sports day a few hours after it passes. Never cancel, never give up I guess.

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You can still play rugby in a typhoon - it works be fun to watch

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Have the fans get on the roof of the stadium and the players run around with plastic umbrellas.

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A very windy Saturday night predicted for Tokyo.

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Seems the England v France game is already confirmed as being cancelled

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I’m just blown away, forgive me, that there has been no serious article about this typhoon that isn’t connected to rugby. There will be no rugby. A good part of Japan is going to have flooding, landslides, loss of power, and a huge amount of wind. Get a little serious, will you? What do you think the classification “violent” means?

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Two things about typhoons every year:

1) The bizarre delusion that a 300 yen umbrella serves any purpose other than as a ruined tangle of sharp metal spokes (see picture above);

2) The irresistible attraction men in their 80s feel towards their own roofs in 90 kmh winds.

Why don't people ever learn?

I just wish this thing was 24 hours earlier, so we could get a day off work.

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Absolute farce. The weather on Sunday for the Scotland game will be like a normal autumn day of Scottish weather!

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Why are these Typhoons either on the weekend or at night? Something about this country, even the bad weather makes sure not to be meiwaku for businesses!

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