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Namibia-Canada Rugby World Cup match cancelled due to typhoon

By Richard CARTER

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That’s a real shame for Kamaishi as it was a match to help boost the local region after the tsunami wreckage, but just one of those things...

I wonder if the teams would be interested to stick around a play a friendly match, conditions permitting. Sounds like that might even be a stretch.

it was unsafe and impractical to move those matches to another venue.

Within the constraints of the rules agreed, I think that is right.

There might be room to consider changing the rules for the future, but it’s basically really bad luck that such a big weather event struck the tournament in this way - in mid October nonetheless, hardly a renowned typhoon season.

Just really bad luck.

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A real shame but completely understandable! I was watching the news during the overnight hours and this morning and the impact of the typhoon on Kameishi was noted.

The problem is the topography in the area. Mountains / hills with steep inclines do not mix well with tremendous amounts of rain. We've seen this in other areas of Japan, such as western Honshu, in the wake of heavy rain from typhoons.

Nevertheless, it is still a real shame.

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Not much you can do about the weather, especially given the destruction. Plenty organizers can do not to put a major tournament (or minor, for that matter) in a place where such destruction is a very real possibility.

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It's not an issue about "the weather," but the season and climate, factors that can be taken account of well in advance. This summer during the Olympics should be interesting.

It was the first time in the 32-year history of the Rugby World Cup that a match has been cancelled and fueled criticism of tournament organizers for hosting it in Japan during typhoon season.

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Unfortunate but understandable, this Canuck is sad neither Cda or Namibia get the chance to snag a win!

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Sorry Canada! Currently at the USA-Tonga match. We will try to bring home a victory for the entire North American continent.

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Japan v Scotland is ON!

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