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rugby world cup 2019

Scotland heading for high-pressure game against Japan


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Having been watching these matches live on ITV in the UK, I am wondering how to watch them now in Japan.

All the games are on JSports (cable/satellite) also NHK BS has them. To watch ITV Player use a VPN set to the UK. Other streaming options on the net if you're prepared to go through the hassle to reach the stream (CricfreeTV, FirstRow Sports etc). Lots of sports bars showing it all over the country plus the various fan zones in the host cities. Shouldn't be a problem to see some or all the games.

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Sadly most countries are pay per view. My mum and dad said they can only watch the Irish games live, every thing else is 15 minutes highlights. They want to spread the game but deny ordinary people to watch it. Same in New Zealand. Stupid.

Now us Irish have to rely on the Scots doing a Gary McKay a la 1988

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Having been watching these matches live on ITV in the UK, I am wondering how to watch them now in Japan.

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Nandakanda, there is the rugby world cup and the tennis Japan open at the moment, the the only thing they show on tv is some volleyball!!

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To watch ITV Player use a VPN set to the UK. 

That one don't work anymore.

Sorry, but it does as I had the rugby on the on the other day via ITV and the computer.

BBC iPlayer is a different kettle of fish as it believes you are on a VPN and won't let you in that way.

TOR is also your friend.

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Impossible to predict. 

Not really. Predictions are just predictions. I pick Scotland.

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Good luck Japan may the best team win

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Impossible to predict. Japan is on an incredible high and playing well, with added pressure being the home team, while Scotland is under a lot of pressure after losing one to Ireland and may well be sent home if they lose.

Now, that said, I worry that Japan may be going into this complacently give their victories. Regardless, it's shaping up to be an awesome game, especially with the history of the last time they both competed, and how Japan lost out on going to the semis.

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Seeing as domestic TV in Japan is terrible at broadcasting the rugby World Cup. Use Windscribe which gives 15gb free monthly and setting it to the UK will give you access to the ITV which broadcasts all the games. It works on desktops and on smartphones.

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