rugby world cup 2019

Springboks go for experience against Japan


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Springboks go for experience against Japan

and size: 6/2 split on the bench, 950kgs + pack, PSDT -who is taller/heavier than J locks- in the backrow etc. At least we know what's coming.

Really hope Japan can pull this one out.

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The Springboks are running scared in my opinion. They are going for veterans to calm the nerves, but it will backfire. Brave Blossoms have the youth and pace to outplay South Africa, and outpace the lumbering forwards. They know that Japan is only 1 of 2 unbeaten teams. They know Japan beat them last time.

Really hope Japan can pull this one out.

You better believe it they can. Bring on Sunday!!

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I am a neutral, let the best team win. The RWC organizers continue to go against normsl reasoning.

Why are all 4 QF matches in only 2 stadia Oita a small city and Tokyo.

Osaka or Kobe, Toyota and Yokohama or Saitama deserve hosting QF.

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Running scared? The boks? Winners of 2 world cups. Players that overcame apartheid. Japan beat them in 2015 with a tight 34-32 and South Africa more recently beat Japan by a larger margin.

Don't get me wrong, I think Japan could take this (they are playing superbly) - but you must be misguided to think the Boks are scared or still hurt.

Mzansi will win this all.

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It's gonna be an interesting game and a tight one. Some how the fairy tale story of Brave Blossoms will end and it is going to be this Sunday against the Springboks of SA. All good things, call it good runs in this case, must come to an end. Will the Japanese passion for the game end with the elimination of this team, Blossoms that have surprised everybody including themselves? Ganbare Nippon !

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@Ganbare Japan! - They know that Japan is only 1 of 2 unbeaten teams. They know Japan beat them last time.

Maybe I'm missing something. Japan, ABs, England, Wales, France - all unbeaten.

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