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'Tattoo OK' hot spa map released for Rugby World Cup host in Japan


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Nice to see that at least one region is taking this idea of "omotenashi" seriously and recognizing that when you bid to host an event, that means you are inviting visitors and you need to treat them as guests.

(I've had this argument where I'm told, visitors need to respect the local culture and the local culture says tattoos are bad. Ok. I'll give them that on a day to day, tourists, but not when hosting an international event and inviting people from elsewhere. You can't treat guests like crap.)

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When is Japan going to get over this?? It's discrimination. Period. I was at an onset this past weekend. I walked in a saw one women with two tats and figured she wasn't Japanese. Her mates came in while I was undressing and sure enough, Chinese. We exchanged nods as they saw mine and we had a moment of "Is anyone going to tell us to get out?" Japan is fine with Neymar and Beckham having them when on a CM but heaven forbid someone get in an onsen. "They might be yakuza!" Last I checked that wasn't illegal. And laughed when you consider how much the J government replies on yak money and workers for construction and getting things done.

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every prefecture should have such maps available at ports of entry so people with tattoos can avoid wasting time/money and embarrassment.

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