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Highlanders thrash Sunwolves 52-0 in Super Rugby


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Scores like this aren’t helping their case for staying in the league. Despite their plight, they are getting fantastic crowds.

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Fantastic crowds don't make up for submarining ratings in other TV markets. Who wants to watch 80 minutes of one way traffic? Here is where the fanatasy of "great home support" meets the financial road, TV rules everything, and Sunwolves don't do squat for TV ratings. Most populous country with the most rugby players in the competition and they can't put out a consistently strong team in a city of 13 million people? Joke material mate. JRFU don't care and are happy for people to blame SANZAAR for their own feckless management of their own domestic season. Mori was right, get rid of the old blazer wearing dinosaurs and appoint a proffesional Sports CEO. Soccer did it!

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Dismal stuff from the Sunwolves. They haven't posted much in their 3 and a bit seasons and I've noticed how each season has seen them field less and less local players. If they're not at least developing local talent, then I can't see much value in this team anymore. Most teams don't even field their strongest lineup against them either which is further devaluing their brand.

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they cannot be as bad next week when they take on the Reds in Brisbane.

Lofty standards!

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Sunwolves basically the last two years were more or less flicked off by the JRFU, Jamie J and T Brown got it working but to make it work, you had to bring on the foreign talent an jettison the local crew...As for Japanese Rugby, the World Cup win in '15 against the Saffas will go down as a gobsmacker ,but who scored the winning try? Down at the pub banter, watching Japanese Team and the Sunwolves play is like " Where are the Japanese players"?

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