rugby world cup 2019

World Rugby admits challenges with refereeing at World Cup

By Behrouz MEHRI

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as usual the losers moaned. Ignoring all the questionable plays their losing teams made that also went unnoticed. Kieran Read's marginally and completely non-dangerous over the shoulder tackle of duToit hardly rates a mention. ...The constant neck rolls on ABs and the huge jersey collar pulls on savea...totally unnoticed. Sour grapes. Move on.

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unnoticed by officials, 

So what are they supposed to do about it then?

And it's not like he deliberately tried to break/dislocate his opponent's shoulder to put him out of the tournament.

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I have been really impressed with the technology and transparency. We get to hear the refs discuss decisions as they review an incident from several angles and confirm their decisions. Really amazing.

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