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World Rugby backs test shake-up: report

By Alejandro Pagni

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Gosper did not believe an annual league of nations would detract from the Rugby World Cup, the showpiece tournament held once every four years. "

I think it would. The World Cup would merely see the 'league of nations' teams reaching the knockout rounds, with a few extra pool games thrown in. Further, the results of pool matches between those teams not in the top 12 would have little to no bearing on the outcome. It would be similar to the sevens. Sure, teams we don't see regularly between world cups are on display, but we all know which teams will be gunning for the championship in the end.

*The second leg between northern and southern teams would take place in the existing July and November windows, *replacing the three-test tours that are now commonplace.

Those three-test tours are for northern teams coming south only. This part I agree with. The northern tours, where southern teams play more than one opponent, are far more interesting. Personally I'd love to see northern teams playing away in the Pacific Islands. Unfortunately, such PI games wouldn't spin much cash, so I won't hold my breath.

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Great - another cup for NZ to dominate.....

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Great - another cup for NZ to dominate.....

maybe at first, but the more Nth teams get to play the Sth the stronger theyll become, just like Agentina which was a second tier team only 3~4yrs ago now clearly outplayed Australia and Sth Africa

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the plan, which is aimed at boosting revenues generated

And where this money go? Because it doesn't come back to the grassroots clubs that do everything for the enjoyment of the sport.

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