rugby world cup 2023

Nothing stirs up rugby's blood quite like New Zealand's haka


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A girl told me it was just macho, toxic masculinity.

I enjoy it though.

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In world Rugby, the Haka is the Haka..

Some like it, some hate it..

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It was a time when Maori were breathing new life into their culture and language, and fighting for reparations and confiscated land.

Also a time when the government were trying to bring two divided cultures together so decided to promote the haka as New Zealand culture instead of Maori culture. Personally, I find it rather odd to see European origin Kiwis doing it. Not their culture, not their language but its popular so its going to stay. Gives me time to get beers in before the game starts.

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The dance gets non-rugby people interested, so I guess there is a benefit.

They should not be permitted to do simulated aggression such as throat-slitting gestures, however. That's crossing the line into threatened violence/assault and would get you arrested in many places.

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The haka hasn't been doing NZ any good since the current coach took the reins.

It would have more impact if they didn't do it now and then.

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I think teams should be able to do whatever they like during the All Blacks' haka.

Images of the Scotland team lifting their kilts come to mind.

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I think teams should be able to do whatever they like during the All Blacks' haka.

Agreed, like continuing to warm up.... "give us a shout when you finish you little dance and we can kick off."

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the haka is obnoxious. pure and simple.

and no, it isn't cultural appropriation when ethnically european background people do it. ( should non-white people stop playing the piano or stop dancing ballet? I think not. )

it is just a ridiculous attempt at trying to intimidate the opposition.

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I havent watched a haka in years. Fast forward, if recorded, go get a beer from the fridge if live. Like temples in Japan, seen one, see them all.

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