Rugby world focuses on Australia-NZ rivalry


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Quadie giving it back .. I dont think all that booing is working....into 'em son !! ABs darkest hour will soon arrive..

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An Aussie backing Quadie the Kiwie, must be loopie. Ginea will be the threat not Cooper. Roll on MIB.

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Ok, heres my predictions for what its worth: nothing!) Wales 28 France 18 ( I could be WAYYYY OFFFF!) //////// NZ 40 Aus 24 (If the conditions allow an open runnung game.) Id love to Aus pull off an upset, but cant believe it. Until I see it. Let`s hope I see it!!

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"Tis the quickening"!

The mighty All Blacks time has come. Australia have a weak team at best. Just pulling a victory out of their whatevers to beat RSA by 2 points. The All Blacks will dine on Aussie BBQ this Sunday. And I?, I shall be LOVING IT!

Crush the Wallibies! Mighty ABs FOREVER!

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"They’re supposed to have won the World Cup for the past three tournaments and this is no different," he said. "A lot of pressure is on them to win this competition on their home soil. I’m sure they’ll be more worried about how they go about their game than myself."

Hmmm.... well Australia haven't won a World Cup since 1999. If they lose on Sunday I guess we can call them chokers.

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Yeah if NZ win this time we can give it hard to them ockers, tell em 4 more years (george Greagan) tell em they choked and generally give em heaps, after all they diserve it eh digga !

GO BLACK, I really hope the AB's do comprehensively beat these aussie barstools and put them in their place.

I think the AB's know how much they MUST NOT FAIL & MUST WIN this time.

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The pressure is all on the Kiwis - and they usually struggle with the mental side of things. Yes - they are better from 1 to 15 on paper - considerably better - but these games aren't played on paper. Aussies love to be the "under-dog" in sporting contests, it brings out the best in us. I reckon the Wallabies will give it a red hot go, if QC and the boys can get under the skin of the Blacks and NZ that's all I can ask!

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As critics from Britain and France sought Wednesday to better understand a competitiveness which exists almost in the DNA of Australians and New Zealanders


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Once you go All Black, you never go all back.

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Spudman,Ginea is a threat to the All Blacks ?? We're doomed...fact is we dont have a threat,this is a very average Wallaby side that has progressed this far on luck and HUGE hearts...theres the truth, we are ordinary at best so are letting New Zealanders run the ship and determine our fate....thats the fun part..if we lose we blow it off..but if we win !!!!!Can you imagine the tears in the crowd as Aussie Quade and Aussie Robbie hold aloft the cup !! Its a cruel game.

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Sadly, I have to agree with calm down here - Genia is a busy halfback, a good PNG Kumul boy, but he will not win games against the Blacks. I think our only chance is if Beale plays and produces a blinder along with QC - two things that are unlikely... Gotta hope the ABs cop some food poisoning now!

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The pressure is all on the Kiwis - and they usually struggle with the mental side of things.

That's the perception. However, not true of this All Black team.

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